What are Interactive Videos?

What are Interactive Videos? A Great Way to Allow People to Save Time

What are interactive videos used for? Interactive videos are used to market products. Interactive Videos will get you better results more quickly.

The videos on this page show how you can hight light a product and the viewer can immediately go to that product.

Interactive marketing videos can also be used to direct views to another video or webinars can be taken straight to the wrap-up part of the webinar. This allows you to cater for all the different types of personalities. The viewer decides whether they want to watch the long version or the short version of the webinar. This means you get extra customers who would drop off the long version. Allow you to achieve greater returns from the one webinar.

Demo Hot Spots

The video below shows you the Drizoro products  you use to Stop Leaks in concrete walls 

Just hover over or around the red dot in the video

The video below shows that the red dot in the video can be positioned wherever you need it.

So now you know the short version of “what are interactive videos” and how they help your marketing videos achieve better conversions.